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Title: 2012 what do you think?

40 def robin - February 3, 2009 06:20 AM (GMT)
Well what do you think about it, Personally i think its a bunch of bullshit but its really crazy about all the stuff that they have to say about it. If you have time watch this vid its insane.

Be Afraid

Hellbound487 - February 3, 2009 12:38 PM (GMT)
yeah i seen a documentary of this on discover channel a while ago. Scared the crap outta me. its probably bs but im still scared lol.

starwolf_ftw - February 3, 2009 03:12 PM (GMT)
Because of this topic, I had a nightmare last night... Not happy with that :angry: I don't get nightmares often, but when I do, I yelp in my sleep. My roommate was not happy with that :lol:

Dager007 - February 3, 2009 05:50 PM (GMT)
Just because the Myan calendar ends on 2012 doesn't mean the world will end....Look at it this way, do you have a calendar that goes to 3000? If your 2009 calendar ends, will the world end?

K Arthur90 - February 3, 2009 06:59 PM (GMT)
You see: before 2000, all computer's calendars ended at 1999. Did the world end?

Just watched it. I don't believe on 2012 because
1. You can't believe on whats on the Internet.
2. People (for example, us) that keep discussing 2012 will make the keywords "2012" "End" "of" "world" appear more on bots and agents.
3. As stated on the documentary, all the previous apocalypse premonitions were incorrect.
Well... it seems I'll have to unschedule all my events for 2013 :(

Josh - February 3, 2009 08:17 PM (GMT)
*bs alert*

I seriously doubt it will end, like others have said, that's just when the calender ends... I haven't bothered to change mine yet (>.<) so it ends in 2008 - but I'm still talking, right?


K Arthur90 - February 3, 2009 09:02 PM (GMT)
Yeah... Like, if I still had a 2008 calendar on my fridge it wouldn't mean....

Wolfclaw104 - February 3, 2009 09:48 PM (GMT)
I haven't watched it yet....but I think that the Mayan Calender will end in 2012 on like December 12. This means tha the world will end and restart all over again. If you believe in the Mayan Relligon then yea be afraid! If you don't then I am still B) with 2012...was it about the mayan calender? I can't go to the vid..

Loneytoni79 - February 4, 2009 12:49 AM (GMT)
It won't end, if you look at it from a scientific perspective. Not too long ago I heard that the world would end on the Devil's Day June 6, 2006. But it didn't end.

Josephgregg - February 4, 2009 02:16 AM (GMT)
Nah, I don't believe in that stuff. No-one knows exactly when the world will end, and because some ancient civilization decided to make their calendar rotate every 3000 years, it doesn't mean the world's going to end.

Now, if the Sun blows up, that's another thing... :P There was also this story that I heard about how scientists think some black holes are moving. If one got too close to the Earth...well, you can imagine. :lol:

Josephgregg - February 4, 2009 02:30 AM (GMT)
Anyways, what was the video about? The internet filter/blocker that the school set up on the laptop that I have has blocked the sight, which isn't a good sig :P Starwolf, a 20-year-old person, got nightmares from watching the video...what is in the content of the video?

K Arthur90 - February 4, 2009 03:58 AM (GMT)
>It's on 12/21/2012. Which mean the last day of our lives would be on (DMY date format:) 20-12-2012. Twenty twelve twenty telve... Something odd ;)?

>What I know it's true is that if the Earth's magnetic poles do switch, we will have problems with navigational computers. That might be some problem for some ppl. But not for everyone.
And. Go ahead. Watch it. It's just a History Channel documentary.

emad - February 8, 2009 07:39 PM (GMT)
Totall bullshit, people keep predicting when the worlds gonna end but they're never right.

Redeyes2496 - February 8, 2009 08:09 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (emad @ Feb 8 2009, 02:39 PM)
Totall bullshit, people keep predicting when the worlds gonna end but they're never right.


K Arthur90 - February 8, 2009 08:17 PM (GMT)
Yep. There's only one way to predict future. That is if one could know the velocity and place of every single atom in the universe. Knowing that, one could predict the future millenia ahead.

starwolf_ftw - February 8, 2009 10:59 PM (GMT)
Maybe instead of the end of the world, it might be the end of our way of living? As if some event is going to cause us to adapt to a different way of life, like another Renaisance or Enlightenment.

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