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Title: pkri vs tpl

Kevinsaurus - January 31, 2009 09:06 PM (GMT)
ok so here's what i noticed, just gonna say main points cuz i g2g to a chinese new year party in a sec and can't talk much.

- they only won by a few kills
- we did have the lead multiple times, and had the chance and opportunity to easily extend and hold onto the lead for the duration of the war
- yes they had higher levels, but they had their share of low levels, and some maging and sniping helped us to get some of the high levels dead too
- they were organized the entire time, staying clustered together piling at most 2 or 3 ppl at a time
- their tankers did very well
- we were all split up most of the time, and people didn't fall in or stay together on the pile that was called
- when people were attacked, a lot of ppl didnt tank but just stayed there and attacked, not realizing that their deaths would greatly affect the outcome
- our binders and blasters did well, but their rangers were very strong
- obviously our lower levels gave us a disadvantage but in general we did well

damon - January 31, 2009 11:04 PM (GMT)
wow. im sorry i didnt come... my mom was bieng a super [BEEP] today so when i woke up she wants to play hide and seek with my laptop and made me clean the [BEEP]ing house. my bad...

Golden arm42 - January 31, 2009 11:49 PM (GMT)
Well, I'll summarize what happened for you. So, for the first war, Forsaken Legends pulls 3. We destroy them in about 2 minutes. I actually thought it was pretty funny that we koed two of them and one ran to single-combat. Guess which of our guys gets to him first? Darklord. :wub:

TPL took forever to show up, and once they did, we started the first war. They attacked us first when we were supposed to be attacking (I really didn't care) and we were winning 10-2 in kills, but Math takes TPL out the portal and we start again. Once the real war started, we had a slight lead until about 25-25, then we were down a bit and tied it up at 70, then we were down about 5 kills for the rest of the fight. It finished 126-121 them.

Their average was 98, ours was somewhere in the 80s, so given that it was much harder to kill one of them, I thought we did a pretty good job. There's not much of an advantage in PKRIs to having more people.

Our org was pretty good, I thought: we didn't have people running around too much, and our piles were strong enough to eventually kill them. Binds could have been better. Some people didn't have rune. Our biggest problem, I thought, was not hugging: TPL would always hug, but a lot our members would just sit there and take damage instead of hugging, and as a result, got downed pretty quickly.

Some stuff to work on, but I thought we did a nice job.

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