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Title: Next contest

K Arthur90 - January 30, 2009 01:51 AM (GMT)
Now the time has come...
I was thinking on posting the "Next Contest" poll, but it occured to me:
1. Will it have p2p skills?
2. Will it have the f2p/p2p skills splitted (like last time)?

Also, I've been thinking. How about we put all skills then, if a p2p skill wins, we also host the most voted f2p skill contest?

Wolfclaw104 - January 30, 2009 03:24 AM (GMT)
I am a skill event coordinator, I could do it ;)
Sorry, I have been in a discussion with damon for two days now about the new reqs.


dflame58 - January 30, 2009 05:38 AM (GMT)
the next contest is hte multiclan skilling comp. i think we shoudl stick with that until its over.

K Arthur90 - January 30, 2009 03:51 PM (GMT)
oh yeah, forgot about that :o

but what I'm saying is that I could already open the poll and ppl went voting already and we wouldn't have to worry about that anymore :P

dflame58 - January 30, 2009 04:31 PM (GMT)
not a bad idea. wolf and i r discussing right now.

K Arthur90 - January 30, 2009 08:00 PM (GMT)
ehhh.... dflame...
you and wolf are on the skilling events team not contests team...
the contest team is composed of redeyes, me and starwolf commenting.

but then, I ask redeyes and starwolf:
how should the next contest be planned?
I partially liked the idea of the f2p/p2p split, though we should have at least one p2p contest. I think the idea I proposed is interesting though I don't think we can support two contests at once.

QUOTE (StarWolf_FTW)

I suggest this : How about having 1 f2p contest and then the 2nd contest in the month will there be an option of a p2p/f2p split contest. That way, we'll at least have one contest a month that will have at least 10+ competiting in it.

Just read this on another thread. But again, how can we schedule a p2p contest (although I wouldn't vote for a p2p contest that soon :P)

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