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Title: App. [Ancient legion]
Description: Teh p00n z0r's App.

Teh p00n z0r - January 20, 2009 12:24 AM (GMT)

Runescape Username:Teh_p00n_z0r

Combat Level:71

3 Highest Stats (combat and non-combat):Strength: 67 - Attack: 60
Mage: 63

F2P or P2P?:f2p atm.

Timezone:North west Pacific.

Where did you hear about Ancient Legion? On it seemed like a very very good clan.

What times and days are best for you?Weekends, and Fridays.

Previous clans (if any) and why you left: TGG

Please post a pic of your stats:
Pretty standard stats for a lvl 71 i guess.

Have you read and understood Ancient Legion's rules? Do you agree to abide by them?I Agree, and i Understand them.

Have you read Ancient Legion's basic information? Do you understand it? it was a little hard to understand at first, but later on it became clearer.

Have you read Clan Warring 101? Do you understand the terms or have any questions about them? 100% understandable.

Have you added a leader (Lamb Bug or Golden arm42) in game?I Added Lamb Bug, and was in his channel,

p.s. Well, i have been Hanging out with members, in Lamb bugs chat, i even made alot of new friends like Acefire, i dueled him alot, i killed him like 12 times he killed me like 8 lmao..

But all in all its a wonderful clan, that has very nice and communitive members.
its a honor to join.

Best Reguards, Teh p00n z0r.

Lamb Bug - January 20, 2009 12:31 AM (GMT)
Accepted. Welcome to AL! Great to see that you've already had a good experience. :)

Redeyes2496 - January 20, 2009 01:05 AM (GMT)
Congrats bro :)

stingster2 - January 20, 2009 01:22 AM (GMT)
congratz hope this clan suits u well

Teh p00n z0r - January 20, 2009 01:27 AM (GMT)
Yes, i really look forward to Warring with you guys. and i love dueling my fellow members, it shows them that a lvl 71 can beat a lvl 96 XD
And it makes new really good friends in the process.

Kevinsaurus - January 20, 2009 03:27 PM (GMT)
lol welcome, and u can't beat me btw =P

craiglock1 - January 20, 2009 04:47 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Kevinsaurus @ Jan 20 2009, 10:27 AM)
lol welcome, and u can't beat me btw =P

LOL, Kev stop trying to show off lol - Gratz on being accepted =] Enjoy your time here.

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