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Title: Allied War with TPL

Lamb Bug - January 5, 2009 01:08 PM (GMT)
In this war, we are fighting alongside TPL and their other allies against another clan and its allies. It will be a massive war, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more than 50 people on each side.

Date: January 17, 2008
Time: 6 P.M. GMT/1 P.M. US Eastern

(10 A.M. US Pacific/12 P.M. US Central/1 P.M. US Eastern**/6 P.M. London**/7 P.M. Amsterdam/7 A.M. NZ, January 11)

Type of War Allied Full-Out
CW Classic Map
Center Boundaries (Not yet official but we assume so)
All Combat Styles (YES, Blasts are allowed)
Allies/Friends Allowed <------------ Tell all clan members/allies/high-leveled friends (who would be loyal to fight for us)
No Flaming

Please be there, I want at least 20!

stingster2 - January 5, 2009 02:27 PM (GMT)
i can't make it because of school. school ends at 2:35 so gl guys. if only i could make a war :angry:

i taste food - January 5, 2009 04:22 PM (GMT)
Wikid sounds cool, i should be there :)

Dude12dragon - January 5, 2009 04:51 PM (GMT)
what world and what clan chat are we using? :unsure: if someone could tell me i could make it. ;)

Lamb Bug - January 5, 2009 04:54 PM (GMT)
Probably T P L CC clan chat.

I will have to check about the world, I will get back to you about it.

Sword User - January 5, 2009 05:16 PM (GMT)
epicz, I will be there :lol:

emad - January 5, 2009 05:55 PM (GMT)
I'll to be too I'm pretty sure we're gonna be fighting with tpl and if but probably some other random people.

rsw armoury - January 5, 2009 07:12 PM (GMT)
friends eh? I'll make sure we get 100. Nobody bring noobs or massers plz. Everyone in this war should be either 80+ in full rune, or in 1 def gear.

Lamb Bug - January 5, 2009 08:11 PM (GMT)
You can only bring people who know people in TPL, or from clans that are allied with them.

i taste food - January 5, 2009 09:12 PM (GMT)
EDIT: i cant come now, i just realised i told my girlfriend i would take her our for dinner this saturday evening. :(

megaman.exe - January 5, 2009 10:18 PM (GMT)
I'll try my best to attend, i have arabic school and it ends at 12. I'll have my rune set by then or ill mage or range

Hellbound487 - January 6, 2009 01:44 AM (GMT)
FTW!!!!!!! ill be there alright.

slytherman - January 6, 2009 01:53 AM (GMT)
sweeet i can probly make this (: ill be blasting! xp

Yamunu - January 6, 2009 02:29 AM (GMT)
Id love to go, but cant. Have a wrestling tournament.

Aliath - January 6, 2009 02:37 AM (GMT)
I'm a friend, so I guess I'm allowed to come.

Yeah, I'll come.

Hmm hmm...


"I hear your pleas, human." said the floating triangle of cheese.

Sandro Mob - January 6, 2009 01:26 PM (GMT)
Il be there fiyah!

craiglock1 - January 6, 2009 01:35 PM (GMT)
yeah, i think ill make it... hope so dont think im doin anything... Yeah, ill make sure i make it so i can own/get owned fiyah!

Mathedes - January 6, 2009 10:54 PM (GMT)
T_P_L_Cc is our clan chat to be used.

Hopefully you all realize that MAGIC BLASTS are allowed, so definetly take consideration if you'll mage. :P

Lamb, I'd like you to make a list of all the members you're bringing. And I'd like to know who you intend to be using snipers/binders.

Make your account on TPL, please, so you can go over the discussion with us about the war.

Lamb Bug - January 6, 2009 10:56 PM (GMT)
I can never really say how many of our members will attend until the day of the war.

We will have hopefully about 5 binders, don't know about snipers (probably).

Kerkennah - January 6, 2009 10:58 PM (GMT)
ill hopefully be there.

Mathedes - January 6, 2009 10:59 PM (GMT)
I meant, just make your list of those who post that they'll be coming. My bad lol. I need a rough estimate of all members being brought.

megaman.exe - January 6, 2009 11:00 PM (GMT)
should i melee or range? im 79 range

Mathedes - January 6, 2009 11:02 PM (GMT)
Defence level?

starwolf_ftw - January 6, 2009 11:09 PM (GMT)
i can go, saturday is my day off!

megaman.exe - January 7, 2009 01:16 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Mathedes @ Jan 6 2009, 06:02 PM)
Defence level?

i have 77 attk 82 str 73 def 79 range 66 magic and 55 prayer

slytherman - January 7, 2009 02:01 AM (GMT)
ill be binding and blasts just to let you guys know (:

steven917 - January 7, 2009 06:18 AM (GMT)
Dang it, I can't make it... As usual.

Magikman262 - January 7, 2009 06:37 AM (GMT)
We Woz Gunna Have 85+ Range To Range , But If Youre Ranging , Take Melee As Well .

And Binders For This War ,Everyone Should Be bringing Binds ,

Rangers Should Be Range /Melee

Blasters Should Be Blast / Melee

Then Binders Should Be Melee / Binds

3monightmar3 - January 7, 2009 01:52 PM (GMT)
Im there! ill do wateva u want me 2 (shud have 65+ ranged mage and defense) :D

matlew5 - January 7, 2009 01:57 PM (GMT)
this sounds like good fun and i should be able to make it

p.s. notice the should :o

3monightmar3 - January 8, 2009 12:38 AM (GMT)
am i allowed 2 bring along some of my friends who arent in the clan? (i might be able 2 convince glissed 2 join us if allowed) ;)

40 def robin - January 8, 2009 01:08 AM (GMT)
i might be able to come and if i do i can probally get a few higher lvls also

tomilson21 - January 8, 2009 04:22 AM (GMT)
:angry: dangit another one that i have to miss cause of school

rsw armoury - January 8, 2009 05:36 AM (GMT)
allies/friends is such a vague term, we should all bring any friend that knows how to war. They get meet TPL on the spot and become friends or something. I might bring a few lvl 60's and 70's, let's try to get 100 ppl on our side.

3monightmar3 - January 8, 2009 05:36 AM (GMT)
skip skewl?

EDIT:this a reply to tomilson21

Magikman262 - January 8, 2009 11:36 AM (GMT)
I Think The Declaration Is On TPL And Its Allies And Its Friends

Not TPL And Its Allies And Its Aliies Friends

animal magik - January 8, 2009 09:55 PM (GMT)
Can't come, 4 am for me :(

Mathedes - January 8, 2009 10:18 PM (GMT)
You guys might be able to make it now.

The war has been rescheduled to January 24th, same time! So it's a two week prep for us all. Sorry for the late notice! :( I thought someone let you know.

BTW, Lamb you made an account for TPL forums?

Aliath - January 9, 2009 11:20 PM (GMT)
Mathedes, I was intending to participate in this war, since I'm a friend of Ancient Legion. I was curious to know if I even could; I'm not exactly the most appreciated person when it comes to TPL.

Redeyes2496 - January 9, 2009 11:22 PM (GMT)
I'm sorry, I won't be able to attend. We're having our annual Band Banquet, so I have to be there.

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