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Title: Tales of an Adventurer
Description: The Diary of K Arthur90

K Arthur90 - December 30, 2008 05:46 AM (GMT)
My Dear Diary
My father gave me this diary to keep track of my adventures around Gielinor. It has the exact same drawing of a green dragon on the cover. At first I did not know how should I keep track of my adventures since I never got used to exploring, until my father took me to a smith.
He took me to Varrock, where many people gathered, for various reasons. One of them was to mine, smelt and smith minerals to create and design the different armors I could see people wearing. We proceeded to the small village of Edgeville. My father wanted me to see an old furnace he always went to when he needed to repair his armor. At first, the smith didn’t want my father to enter with a child, but after some talking, and some clinking sound of coins, he got me in.
When I entered the house, the first thing I felt was… Hot. The furnace was so hot that even allowed extra ore to be put at the same time, often resulting in two metal bars. Then, he took me into Varrock, and to semi-ruined building where smiths were making armors. The clanking sounds of the hammers hitting recently made iron and steel bars woke something up in me: the will to search for the perfect armor. But my father once told me that when we set a goal, we must not black out other ways and other side-goals. Even if I wanted to make the perfect armor, I’d first have to try the existing armors, search for better ores, and train to the perfection.
In the end, I decided to become an adventurer.


Lumbridge Destiny Setters
On the town of Lumbridge lied four statues of warriors. Each one of them was holding their main tool. One held a spiked armor, a red kiteshield and a red sword. The second held a bow and a quiver. The third held a small staff. And the fourth one held a pickaxe and a hatchet. There were some words carved under each of them.
“The warrior: Uses his strenght and war experience to overcome his enemies.”
“The ranger: Through his eagle eye he can hit his enemies from afar.”
“The wizard: Channels the hidden forces from other dimensions to confuse and destroy his enemy.”
“The manufacturer: Provides tools for his companions to face their challenges.”
These statues were there so that young adventurers could set their destiny. It is said that Guthix enchanted those statues to release their weapons only to the adventurers who had that kind of spirit within themselves. I tried to pull the warriors sword, but nothing happened. My father, who always wanted me to be a warrior, was now disappointed with that. So did my mother when I tried to remove the wizard’s staff. I did not want to be a ranger at first, so I put all my last hopes on the pickaxe. And with no effort it came out, and since then, I became K Arthur90, the Manufacturer.
As I replaced the pickaxe, I was then forwarded to a great concourse, where many experienced warriors claimed their clans’ superiority. Near the center I saw a stand where two warriors in blue capes were spreading their word. On the stand, there were small statuettes of an argent winged lamb and a golden arm. They were offering a place on their clan and I saw my chance there. I filled up the application papyrus and handed over to one of their warriors in green capes, they quickly inferred my skills.
A few seconds later I heard, with great satisfaction:
“Congratulations legionnaire! Welcome to the Ancient Legion!”


My First Combat Engagement
And there I was. A messenger stopped by my house in Rimmington and told me the gathering would be in the Wilderness. He gave me a golden cape. I tipped him some gold coins, and went back inside.
My cooks were just finishing packing my swordfishes, but before they handed the packages to me, they asked for their payment, fearing that that would be their last work in my house.
I finished gathering up my equipement, got dressed and started what seemed an eternal travel, from Falador to the feared wilderness.
Ah, the Wilderness... Since the advent of Revenants, not even the most brave warriors adventured themselves alone out there.
Afraid of becoming a victim of one of those terrible creatures, I ran as fast as I could until I reached the feared hill where warriors put themselves against each other, sometimes resulting in painful deaths and humongous profits from looting the dead. There, I found a group of people. About 20, in shiny blue armor gathering around, chanting while one took notes and drew pictures, depicting the ambience felt there.
When I there arrived, I was greeted by them. I felt safe. I knew they had my back and I had theirs. I felt ready.
I sat down, checking my armor, while one of the warrior stood up on a rock and started organizing the mob. They were praying at Guthix and Saradomin to lead them in battle as many other once did, and many other failed.
Then, the leader warrior on the rock screamt something. Something I couldn't decifrate, for I was eager to get into battle. To allow my scimitar talk for me. Everyone stood up, and formed a line after the leader. He waved and we followed him to our victory.
Although we went through hollow grounds and unrest souls, I felt no fear, for I was not paying attention on things around me. I was concentrating for the upcoming battle. A few miles later, we arrived at what looked an abandoned pub. Broken tables, destroyed stools, but no food or other sign of civilization there. Only three portals stood there, and I knew many people would enter them, but only a few exit. There, we met the other group. Their armor, scarred by years old battles, showed their experience, and their endurance. But their numbers were fewer than ours. "We can do this! I can do this!", I thought, as our leader finished the agreements on the battle. And we entered the portal.
On the other side, as soon as I rematerialized, I felt the hot air going through the juctions of my armor. There were lava everywhere. It was worse than the wilderness. The grounds still beared the skeletons of dead warriors, some of them still holding their weapons and staves. The leader shouted and we followed him. We followed him to the middle of that putrid wasteland, where we could see our enemies at the other side of the fence.
The fence sunk into the ground. We charged! I wasn't thinking anymore. I felt like my armor and my weapon were moving my body towards the battle. Even if I wanted to quit, I couldn't. I kept fighting.
Then I saw the chance! One of their warriors was busy trying to repel my ally's attack, and I ran next to him, and finished my enemy! It was a victory! At least for me.
However, I should not have stopped to pat myself on my back, for when our enemies saw what I did, they charged at me. It was so suddenly, it took me a few moments to decide to run. I just ran. Ran wherever I could, fearing for my life. I kissed the ring a fellow friend once gave me. He said it would give me luck on those occasions. I turned my head back to see if they were still following me, then I felt a hit on my head, and I fell to the ground. One of the enemy's warrior was there, standing, holding a warhammer. I was almost passing out, when I saw a figure. A figure of a warrior in a golden armor. He stood up next to me, and stuck his scimitar into the opening under my enemy's chest plate. If only I could just see the look on his face. I couldn't resist anymore. I think I was bleeding because of that hit on my head. That golden warrior pointed at me, and two other warriors pulled me by my arms to a safe place where I could recover. While I was being pulled, I could hear the clanking of the weapons and the screams of the war. And I passed out.
When I woke, I was at the pub, lying down on a simple mat, with my head bandaged, and my allies partying. Partying on another victory. And the same one who was taking notes and drawing pictures, finished his latest work:
"The Ancient Legions Versus The Lethality"


Breaking Through On Woods and Fire
When I came home after collecting some supplies for my house, strangely, most of it was composed of pineapples and tomatoes, one of my servants told me someon left a log by the front door.
A log? Yes a small log, one meter in length. But it was no ordinary log, for it had carved into its outer layer the following:
“The Ancient Legion has set up a gathering for its members. The same gathering will get place near the Port of Sarim Village. Bring fire sticks and hatchets for we will train our lumberjack skill.” And at the end, the symbols of a winged lamb and a yellow arm were nicely imprinted in wax.
I put it together with my newly acquired full membership certificate, and started collecting my tools. A box with fire sticks, my runite head hatchet, and one of my proud possesions, my sacred clay armor, a perfect item representing what some call “a skiller”.
Since the Sarim Village was near my house, I simply walked a little; it was a nice walk through the woods between Rimmington and Sarim Village.
As I got nearer, I could feel the sea breeze, and the salty aroma. The waves faded lightly on the sand, for most of the stronger waves hit the waiting ships and trawlers. The port seemed to brim with so many traders from all Gielinor. There were people offering charted trips, some recruiting for battles in away lands, and some others selling whole ships. The Sarim’s citizens were also traders. Most of them selling sea-related items like recent catches and fishing equipment. But the real attraction on the city was its pub. There, pirates, sailors and adventurers gathered up and told their stories, between a sip and another.
As soon as I got there, I promptly recognized some of my fellow legionnaires. At first it took some time, for the last time I met them, we were all in armors, but their voice was distinguishable.
We hugged a humongous tree, a yew, and started chopping it down. The tree was so big we first had to chop some of the exterior branches, and then procced to the interior trunk. But it was very easy, for we joined forces to chop the yew.
It fell very quickly, and we gathered the logs lying on the ground. Some people promtly went to a near oak while they waited for the magical forces of Guthix to “rebalance” the number of trees on Gielinor. It is said that there’s always a constant number of fallen trees and live trees on Gielinor, due to Guthix’s desire of balance.
Others went to burn the logs, learning the best place and the best logs to burn, so that when needed, lighting a fire would be a simple task.
Suddenly, I hear some cheering coming from a near oak. One of the legionnaires found out a new way to cut the outer branches, allowing him to cut trees faster. We gathered around him and cheered him up. Another one said he would get a breakthrough on his lumberjack skills, but the first one said something about not letting him do that, and went to burn his logs.
We then procceded cutting and burning the logs, eventually making a bonefire in the shape of an “A” and a “L”, to appraise the gods and make them know we’re here. And again, the same leigonnaire who just had a breakthrough in his woodcutting, stood up there saying that he had another breakthrough: If he used two fire sticks at once, the fire would catch easier. And we all cheered. We all wanted to remember that moment, so we all got some paper and some charcoal and started drawing or writing about the gathering. As the sun hid behind the ships, we knew he spent enough time chatting and chopping. We decided to stop for now and have dinner, for there would be another gathering for the night lovers.


Experimenting with Binding
The Ancient Legion also had scheduled some battle training for the next day, for we would be having another war in two days. It would happen on our training grounds, located near where the actual war would happen, so we could get used to the terrain before the war. We invited another warring group to train with us, and we all went to our training grounds. That day, I felt that I had learned enough spells, and trained enough levitation and simple alchemy spells that my wizardry could be useful on that training, as well to train wizardry a little more. I got some runes, some wizard robes and a staff, along with my melee gear. However, I wouldn’t have to walk this time for my teacher gave a strange necklace during last class. At first, it seemed a stardar sapphire necklace, but our task was to infuse a cosmic rune power into that necklace. After a few tries with different elemental runes, I managed to infuse the necklace with power. It then brimmed with magic. Before dismissing the class, my teacher told us that when needed, that necklace could take us where our friends were. I couldn’t understand well, but I went home anyway. Now I think I understand its power. I hold in with my both hands, rubbed it with my thumbs, thought of our training grounds and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, to my surprise I was among my fellow legionnairs, getting ready for the training.
The opposite group had accepted our training terms and we procceded to our grounds. I did what our leaders told me and strategically decided. We were in bigger number, but they had more experience. It took some time for me to actually organize myself on the battle, but I heard the order cry from one of the leaders and went on charge on my designated target. Me and two other were fighting the same enemy, and he quickly got overwhelmed and dropped his sword, the representative sign that if in a real battle, whe would have died or critically injured. We allowed him to leave the grounds and watch the remaining battle from above.
Then I saw the chance. Five or six people were running after one of the opposing group and I though I could finally train my magic on him. A fellow member once taught me a nice spell that could grow roots from below one’s feet and hold him on place. I tried to cast that spell, but I failed. As he was still on my magic range, I tried again, concentrating more. It worked! The roots came from the ground and my fellow legionnaires overran him. But then I felt a sword on my neck. Someone from the opposing group sneaked behind me and got me. I dropped my staff, picking it up afterwards and procceding to the viewing spot. I don’t know how the battle ended, for I kept training my magic, by creating binding roots on my self. After that train, we then went on what we call hugging training. One of the members would be the “bait” and train hug while we would try to get him down. Since now there was no pressure of being “killed” by someone, I could focus even more on my wizardry. This time I managed to hold our bait for about ten seconds.
We kept training with two other baits, before the night fell upon us and requested us to leave the grounds for we had no way to fight on the dark of the night.
We are ready for the real deal!


The Realm Of Puro Puro
Yesterday I was near the Grand Exchange, cutting and knifing logs to make steel arrows. Eventually I could sell enough arrows to achieve my goal of two million gold coins. Suddenly, I heard loud but short whistle. It came from near the wheat patch, next to the cooking guild. Then I could barely make out a shadow of a small being among the wheat. It looked like a small red humanoid with yellow eyes, or something alike. But, as I got closer, it disappeared. I turned back to the trees, when suddenly a gulf of wind came down from nowhere and projected a small typhoon on the wheat patch. I was so scared I even lost focus on my clay knife, allowing it to revert back to its original form.
The wind wasn’t too strong, for I could walk across it without even losing balance. However, right in the middle of the typhoon, I noticed there was no wind movement. I stood on that exact spot, and I noticed I couldn’t hear anything. Not even the merchants on the Great Exchange, not the cookers yelling at each other on the cooking guild. Nothing at all. I stood there for about fifteen seconds when I heard some noises. Like wings flapping. A lot of them. The wind became white and translucid, and then opaque. As seconds passed, the sounds I heard became more clear and the wind became more translucid, until I managed to see where I was.
The problem was, I didn’t know where I was! I found myself on the middle of a wheat field, with lots of tiny creatures floating around. However, the weath patches were laid out shaping some kind of labyrinth. The wheat was grown up to my hilt. I noticed a gnome walking by, and I asked him what was that place. He looked at me with a ironic look on his face and said: “You came here to hunt or to talk? If you came here to hunt, take these flasks and get those implings for me. Now go!” And he kept walking, chasing those little creatures he called implings.
I walked through the wheat. And I was suprised to see how dense it was, for I had to push very hard to make my way thorugh it. I tried to catch one of the implings with my bare hands, but it kept escaping from my reach, and when I managed to get one, I tripped over one of those red small beings. It looked at me, and poked my stomach with a stick. I instinctively released the impling and defended myself. The small being ran away, leaving me lying down on the ground.
“Here. Let me help you.” I heard, as someone helped me get up. She was wearing a strange brown fur, with spines all over it. I instantly recognized it. The larupia set, which most hunters used while exploring Gielinor jungles and hunting fields.
“My name is Kesley. Are you alright?” She said.
“I’m good, thanks. What is this place?”
She told me that was the realm known as Puro Puro. Where implings, the imps protegées, lived, when not adventuring on our realm. She told me that if I managed to catch one, I could be rewarded with items the implings would give me in return of their freedom.
“You need a net like this one” She told me, and pointed to a butterfly net. I wondered if my clay tool could assume that form. I took it out from my pocket and focused on a butterfly net. Within seconds I had a butterfly net on my hands. Kesley was amazed with my clay tools, as she never heard of the sacred clay realm. We then spent hours chatting and hunting implings, until the hunger came by and forced me to leave Kesley and Puro Puro, and get something at Varrock’s food stands.


Onyx, Crystals and Flax

As we got closer to the shore, I could hear some people yelling words, unrecognizable due to the waves on the shore. As I crossed the gangplank, I noticed a group of people crouched near the shore far from the docks. I got near them and asked what were they doing. A woman in a green leather armor and a bow around her right arm stood up and told me: "Can't you see? I'm fishing swordfishes!". Why, I asked, and she replied "So that I can sell, of course! People buy swordfishes to embellish their houses. Have you never seen the the Knights' Castle over there? It's full of those stuff."
I moved on to another spot. Next to an apple tree that looked recently grown, there was a shady stranger. He was netting the farthest spot of them all. I didn't want to get too close, but I got near enough so that I could make myself clear amidst the chatter.
- Sir, what are you doing?
The man looked at me with a horrified expression.
- I... I... - he replied, and then got mad at me and turned back to his fishing - I know what you want. You won't get it. It's my turn now. The probabilities says that! It's a one to ten thousand. I will get the tenth thousand one. You'll see. I got it already and I can get it again!
Then, I heard a voice from behind me.
- Leave him be. He's crazy already. He got crazy. - and I turned to see a knight in white armor.- While fishing, he once found a small casket. He didn't open it immediately, and left on the ground, for he was focused on getting all his fishes to the vendor back there. Another adventurer came here, found his casket and inside he found a Magical Onyx Bracelet. Since then, Muniqcer never left that spot again. He lives off the fishes he catches and the eventual clothing he catches too. My name is Percival. Sir Percival. I come to Catherby to talk to keep an eye on those monks from Entrana. - and he pointed to an island not too far between the coast.
Strangely, when I got here, I didn't notice that island.
- You got to be wondering how could you miss that island, right? Well, the monks there have some sort of prayer that does not allow one to notice the island if one doesn't know what to look for. And that's why the Knights of the Round Table keep an eye on them. That can't be white magic, you know.
- Oh really. That's interesting. So you are one of the Knights of the Round Table? Wouldn't you be supposed to be on England?
- Yes, but we took a break. Things were too boring there. While here is brimming with magic and life. Come. Let me take you to the village.

Percival and I followed a road northwards until we reached a giant castle. It was beautiful. I could see the blue banners dropping from the castle windows and watches. As we crossed the gate, we made into the central atrium, where two knights were talking. Percival took me inside the castle, where no one less than king Arthur of the Britons was sitting with another four knights on the famous round table. While they sat there, their swords were always kept in front of them, pointing donwards, presumably a tradtion from the old times.
- king Arthur, I met someone you might consider adequate.
He turned to me without leaving his chair.
- Come closer, - he said, while straightening his crown on his head. Then he stood up. - I am king Arthur, king of the Britons. And you are?
- I am K Arthur90.
- Well, well. You seem to have been blessed with the same name as I! Please, take a seat.
And he pointed to a seat next to his. As I sat, I pulled out my scimitar and placed on top of the table.
- Well... You see... We are having a problem with magic. Apart from Merlin, the only ones that can feel magic within someone are me and Percival. If he brought you here, then you must be worthy to endure a quest for me.
- By all means, your majesty. What is your request?
- As I said, Merlin is our wizard, and we denepnd on his counsels and suggestions to act accordingly. However, he has fallen to the dark magic. He got imprisoned on a giant crystal and we need him back.
- Go on.
- And we need someone confortable with magic to release him without causing any damage to Gielinor's balance. What do you say son?
- I'm honoured with such request, your majesty, but I can't. Although I know such magic you say, I can't fully dominate it, for that's why I train tirelessly everyday.
- Well. When you feel ready, we will still be here, and we will always have a seat for you on our table. Farewell.
As I exited the castle, I kept on to the village. Almost everyone there wore white robes, and looked very old. I approached one of them, and he said:
- You are excused. And welcome.
- Excuse me... oh... thanks.
- I'm a seer.
- Who are... eh...
- I can see everything from the past, present and future;
- How do you... erm...
- This is our village, hence "Seer's Village".
- What is this... erm... no.. No! I wasn't gonna ask that! You missed!
- Indeed. I missed.
- Then I'm smarter!
- Yes you are. And I'm afraid I can't.
- So, what is this... argh... would you stop that?
- As you can see, many would think this as a blessing, but it's indeed a curse. We cannot choose not to see the future, so we are doomed to know everything.
- That's harsh.
- Well. There's nothing we can do about it. Farewell to you too.
- Okay, I'm an explorer and I got to... go. Farewell - I said as I swiftly walked away from him.
Further south, I found a small field with a sweet aroma coming from it. Actually, the smell was coming from the adjacent field, a beehive field. The field I just entered was a flax field. I approached a man who was picking the flax, and said:
- Good morning. Who are you?
- I'm Flax. And you?
- I'm K Arthur90, but what's your name?
- I told you. It's Flax.
- Ooookaaaay... So this is where the famigerated flax come from?
- What!? Famigerated? You can't treat flax like that!
- Okay, okay! I'm sorry.
- Tell them you're sorry! - and he pointed to the flax plants. - Tell them!
- I'm sorry. - then he crouched and started talking to the plants
- There you go. He won't hurt you anymore. Aren't you a nice flax? A nicey flaxy flax?

After all. The day ended up extremely productive! I managed to fill my backpack with flax before Flax would run behind me with a shovel, I met a smarty-[BEEP] seer, and was offered a quest from no one less than king Arthur! Nonetheless, as soon as I arrived at home, my servants brought me a letter. Sat by my fireplace and opened it's wax seal. As usual, the Ancient Legion sent a letter warning about the upcoming war. Though this time I was susprised to see a small golden ring attatched to the letter. On the ring there were an arm, a winged lamb, a lizard head, a flaming skull, a wolf's head and a brain carved on the outside, while on the inside it said with elvish writings: "Explore Your Realm With The Ancient Legion".



I was at my study room, taking note of everyone who would be participating on a contest I was assigned to run. Then I heard some knocking on the door. It was my butler telling me there was a stranger on the front door, requesting my presence. I stood up, and took my dagger with me, just in case. As entered the parlour, there was a man, wearing a golden cape, ragged on the bottom (which meant he was a simple delivery man) the very same I was wearing. He stood up and came to me:
- Sir, the clan is requesting your presence.
- Why? What's the matter?
- We will be having a training gathering to keep your fighting abilities fit and our weapons sharp. The gathering will take place at Edgeville.
- Oh. Thank you. You are dismissed.
- Aye, sir. - he said, and swiftly went away through the main door.
- Butler, I'm leaving for some hours ok? Could you make the preparations? Oh, and I left this months payment on your room, as usual.
- Yes, sir, thank you sir.
I then proceeded to my armory and equipped myself. Since this was an informal meeting I thought it would be better to equip a simple runite armor. Toghether with my armor, I brought my scimitar and a kite shield, not forgetting my gray-trimmed golden cape, with the letters E and C stamped with gold wire. As I got to the parlour, on the table lied a small backpack containing some swordfishes and some useful potions.

When I arrived at Edgeville, I met one of the members, Starwolf_ftw. He was wearing a green-trimmed golden cape, with the letter S and M stamped with gold wire as well. He was instructing some new members on the perils that awaited for those not careful. Those members wouldn't wear our golden cape, but instead, a simple yellow cape.
- ... and remember: The loot we get from killing those creatures shall be equally divided, based on today's current market price. Oh,K Arthur90, nice to see you. We were about to start.
- Hey Starwolf. What is the matter there?
- Just some new members I was providing some information to on the [BEEP]roaches. Listen, would you like to lead this gathering?
- Oh why, yes, sure.
- Nice. I'll get the rest of the members at the bank. Lead the newbies down the crevice will you?
Down we went through a near crevice on the ground, from which a putrid stench came out. As we climbed down a small rope, it took a few seconds for our eyes to get used to the low lighting. There were about three or four humongous insects, presumably what one could call [BEEP]roaches. However, they seemed not to care about us, and kept doing whatever they were doing. A few moments later, Starwolf and the rest of the clan members came down the rope.
- Arthur, lead the way, will you?
- Aye.
As I proceeded into the [BEEP]roaches cave, the members were shortly after me. We went down some stairs, always dodging more insects, until we got to a dungeon where the insects seemed calmer and easier to fight against. As soon as we all got there, we started training on the insects. Although they looked much more stronger than any individual adventurer, we were in so many numbers that they could hardly hit us. We spent some time killing those heinous bugs with any means possible. As I was fighting, I heard someone not too far from me:
- By Guthix! It shat on me! - apparently one of our members decided to hit the insects with ranged weapons or ranged spells (I was too busy figthing to look back) and got hit by the insects "secondary attack".
- Don't worry. It's not contagious. It just smells like hell. - another one said.
After about an hour of intense training, some of the member were either tired or wanting to train other non-combat related skills. The remaining members decided to move to the next level. We rushed back to the bank and withdrew our best armor to fight the insects. This time, led by Starwolf, we went back to the [BEEP]roaches crevice and started training again.

Among jokes and stories we trained crossbow firing, spell casting and hand to hand combat, and I even experienced something unusual. I felt like the power coming from my magical staff were imbuing my hands with even more power, allowing me to reach new levels on spell casting. Interestingly, I was not the only one who experienced that. Some others also had improvements on their warring. At last, one of the members, Teh P00n Z0r took a scrying orb and we manage to record that occasion. He also used some kind of abyssal magic to bring enough beer kegs for a small party, after which I left to train a more specialized slaying.


A new armor for a new era

After I came back from Pollivneach, I went back to the anvils on Varrock. My Runite Kiteshield cracked again, and I had to repair it. As I got to the anvils, I got some other metals shards and patched my kiteshield. One could see the repairs I made. Since I'm not a sucessful smith and rune ore is hard to come by, I could only use whichever shards I could find. The shield had steel shards, mithril and adamant, making it, evrytime I patched it, more and more fragile. I then took off all my armor and looked at it. The chest plate was dented and scratched by the swords and hammers that I couldn't deflect with the shield. As well my scimitar. It was getting too fragile because of the re-sharpenings I did when it became dull. I then decided to do something about that. I went on the near bank, and withdrew all my money. The bank offered me a security bodyguard to accompain me up to the Grand Exchange. When I got there, I put all my money bags on the desk.
"Good morning!" - said the banker, surprised by the amount of gold. "What can I do you for?"
"Can I see the weapons and armor you have avaliable?"
"Sure!" and she handed me five pieces of parchment. The first one contained weapons. I skimmed through it. Many names caught my attention. Zamorak, Bandos and Armadyl, extra dimensional whips and rock solid two handed warhammers. They were offered at millions and billions of gold coins. I couldn't afford that. I decided to read the leg armor parchment. Statius, Third Age and Vesta headed the list. They were also offered at high prices. I then realized I would never even see one of those. However, the banker must've noticed my disappointment, because she said:
"It seems you are buying a full set of armor, right?"
"Yeah" I said, already returning the parchments.
"Listen, talk to that man over there, he might help you" and she pointed to a man wearing a bright shiny white armor, sitting on a desk. As I aproached him, he said:
"Good morning. How much money would you like to spend?"
"Erhm, I can spend up to one million and forty hundred coins. Can you help me? I'd like to upgrade my armor"
"I see. With that money you won't be able to afford any high quality armor"
As I was gathering my money bags he interrupted me
"But worry not. You can still get a better armor. Let's see." and he got a few pieces of parchment out of a drawer and started scribbing on it. Making calculations, and many times looking at me as if he was measuring my strenght, after about half an hour, he gave me three pieces of parchment.
"Here. These are quite nice armors you can buy with that money, including accessories you might find useful on your quests."
One of the parchments was titled "Full Runite Plate Armor - Extra Accessories 3rd Tier". It listed rune armor, as I currently had. However, it listed high-end mauls and hammers, as well axes I've never seen. At the bottom it said: 1198K
The other parchment was titled "Dragon Hide with Melee Shields - Extra Accessories 5th Tier". It listed amongst other lower level accessories, a full set of Dragon Hide. At the bottom, it said: 1076K
However, the third parchment caught my attention: "Runite and Dragon Mix - Extra Accessoried 2nd Tier". It listed Dragon Platelegs, Boots and Gauntlets, as well a nice Dragon Scimitar, and Axe and a poisoned Dagger. However, it still listed a simple Rune Chest Plate, as well Rune Full Helm. The total was: 1420K. Bearing the name 'Dragon' was enough for me, since he told me all sets had offered better protection than the one I was using.
"There you go kid. Just show this parchment to the Grand Exchange banker and she'll get your new armor!".
"Thanks sir!"
I then took my money back to the banker, as well the piece of parchment I was given. As she took the parchment from my hands, she gave me a smile. She then disappeared through a trapdoor located on the column on the centre of the Grand Exchange. A few minutes later, she brought me my new armor.
As I wore the Dragon Gauntlets, I could feel the power from the dragonkin smiths emmanating from them. I traded in my old Runite Chest Plate Armor for a new one, dent-free and scratch-free. She gave me a Dragon Axe, a Dragon Dagger Extra Poisoned and a so sought Dragon Scimitar. As I held the scimitar and swinged it, a faint red glow emmanated from it's tip.
"Whoa!"I said
Still smiling to me, as if she was congratulating me for my new aquisition, she said: "I take it that you are satisfied with your products, am I right? If then, can I have your money please?"
I handed all my money to her, while I still examinated thorougly my new bright red Dragon Platelegs. I couldn't believe I was actually gonna wear it on battle!
"Here's your change, mister" and she handed me a (much smaller than the ones I gave her) sack full of money. I, however I could, carried all my new armor to the bank to be added to my bank account. I was now ready to face monsters even stronger than me!


Journey to the West

"I need you to take this letter to King Tyras, on the woods, beyond the Arandar Mountains. I have sent three or four ships there, but none have returned from the trip, so I assume the letters never found their recipients. So I am entrusting you to find a way over the Arandar Mountains, and reach King Tyras."
Those words were said by King Lathas himself. Little did I know about his plans for his brother, but at that time, I couldn't be the wiser, so I just played along, hoping for rewards of some kind.
I left Ardougne's Castle, and proceeded to the northern exit. A gnome friend of mine once told there was indeed a path going over the Mountains. He saw it while training his flying skills. As I walked by West Ardougne's walls, I finally came to a big gate, guarded by two archers.
My first approach was a diplomatic one.
- Hail there! I wish to pass the gate! - i shouted to the guards above the gate wall
- Who goes there? By whose orders you wish to pass?
- King Lathas sent me... - but as soon as I said his name, the guards fired arrows against me. Thankfully, obsidian is very good against arrows.
- By Guthix... what the hell was that? - I thought.
It seemed I'd need some kind of diversion. I opened my backpack and went through its contents. Two bottles of water, a few salted raw meat, a tinderbox, a dragon axe, a balm I was given from a friend of mine, a couple torches, a sextant, and, to my surprise, I found a few runes I must've left there.
I took one earth, one fire and two air runes. I used the earth rune to create a somewhat large dry bush, and used the air rune to push it a little closer to the gates, without making myself be seen. Shortly after, I used the fire rune and the air rune to send in a small fire sprinkle over the bush I created, setting it on fire. That created an awful amount of smoke, allowing me to sneak via the side door, while the elves rushed for water buckets to extinguish the fire.
As I walked down the path over the mountains, I came to a huge beautiful forest. As I walked into it, I felt like I was being watched. I quickly withdrew my scimitar, but no one appeared... Although I couldn't see anyone moving around where I was, I could almost feel that I was being surveilled upon.
Since night was falling, I decided to rush my trip to King Tyras camp. Maybe I would be allowed to rest and restock there.
Everywhere I look, I could see strange birds, weird burrowing creatures and some (what looked like) human made indents on the trees around. Maybe I was indeed being followed. As night fell, the forest sounds got quieter and quieter. I could only hear the tintling of my armour.
Suddenly, I stopped. I could swear I heard footsteps on the densier woods around the path I was walking by. I tried to move the least possible so my armour wouldn't interfere with whatever I tried to listen to. But it was no good. I couldn't hear anything else anymore.
A few more minutes passed by, while I tried to find King Tyras Camp. But again, I heard the mysterious footsteps. This time it sounded like more people were watching me.
I stepped very slowly backwards. I lowered my torch to try and look onto the darkness that surrounded me.
I then felt a excruciating pain on my right hand. When I looked down, I saw an arrow stuck on it! Then I heard one arrow pass very close to me. Then another, and another. However, after the last one, I heard what could be a small pain mumbling, and the arrows stopped flying. I pushed the arrow off my hand, and used a small piece of silk to clean the bleeding.
Then, I could feel that many people were closing in by me. I don't know how I knew that, but I felt that if I stayed there, I would suffer. I then ran down the path, without caring where I was going to. I ran so fast that my torch almost went out. As I ran, I thought I smelled cooked meat. Where my followers antropophagists? What would happen to me? Why is the forest so quiet? My head was full with horrible thoughts. I wasn't even paying attention to where I was running to. But I felt when I stepped over a small tripwire. Eight small darts were shot on my direction, at the same time. Although most of the were stopped by my armour, one of them hit my neck. I pulled it out.
I don't know if my torch was running out or I was being cursed upon. Maybe the darts were poisonous. I kept running as far as my energies allowed me to.
I felt my armour weigh thrice it's normal weight. I hit trees, rocks, tripped again and again. I saw what looked like a yellow dim on the direction I was running to. As I got closer, my vision dimmed to complete darkness while I fainted. Just before I fell to the ground, I could see two warriors rushing at me, with spears. I thought it was my end.


I woke up with the sun on my face. A woman offered me a brew on a clay bowl. It was very hot and very sour, although after I finished it, I felt much better. I had been stripped of my armour and my hand had been bandaged.
- Your armour is on the armoury. You are free to get it. After that, you can talk to General Hining. - she said
- Oh, thank you, miss - I said. I left the tent I was in, and proceeded to a smith nearby. - I believe you have my armour?
- Oh, yes! I've never seen such a beautiful armour before! A very beautiful design, and the resistence is unbelievable! - and as he went talking, he brought my armour, as well my backpack and my weapons. - Although the metal doesn't look human-made. What is it?
- This is dragon metal. It was forged by the ancient race of the Dragonkin. Now I must deliver a message to a king, if you excuse me. - I said. I walked around the camp, and I saw soldiers, warriors equipped with strange helmets and long spears. They were training to what seemed an incoming war. I approached the highest ranked officer there and said:
- Are you General Hining?
- Yes. And you must be the one with a message for the King. Am I right?
- Yes. You know where I can find King Tyras?
- I'm afraid he's dead, brother... His tent was hit by a mortar shot, apparently fired from our own catapult...
- Oh my god... I need to talk to King Lathas immediately about that!
- I could offer you a ship, but the last three that tried to sail back to Asgarnia only managed to find their way back here. It seems they are not the experienced sailors they said to be... And I wouldn't advise you to go throught the forest again. My soldiers found you pale as a papyrus sheet. The elves around here are really offensive, although it depends on...
- Wait... You said ELVES?
- Yes. Tirannwn is the home of the elven race. Right now there are two tribes fighting each other, the elves of Priffdinas, and the rebels from Lletya. Currently, we are allied with Lletya elves. They seem to have something against Priffdinas' elves, but they are not telling us all. At least we don't have to fend off all the elves around here. Only half of them...
- I see... Well. I really thank you for the information, but I must report back to King Lathas of Ardougne. Can I speak to one of the ship captains?
- Sure. Our docks are to the east. Let me lead you there.
At the docks, there were four or five ships anchored. I approached one of the captains.
- Sir, may I board your ship back to Asgarnia?
- You are free to. But we won't get anywhere. We can't seem to navigate around the periplum...
- But I am an experienced navigator. I even got my own sextant. I could help your navigator.
- Ah... why not... I'll round up the crew. We'll leave when you are ready.
- Aye Capt'n. Well, General, I believe I'll leave you now. Farewell
- Farewell, brave warrior.

Suprisingly, we did manage to reach Port Khazard after a few days. The story would be done by now, if not for two lletyian elves approaching me right before I entered Ardougne's Castle.
- Pstt. You. - one of them said
- Yes? Oh you are an elf! Why are ...
- Shhhh! Not so loud! Yes I am an elf, but I shouldn't be here. King Tyras was killed by a mercenary hired by his brother. King Lathas is actually working with priffdinian elves to open a rift and allow Zamorak back into Gielinor. We have found about that and have rebelled against them. We need you to keep an eye on King Lathas, and report back to us whenever he makes his next move. Here - and he gave me a small crystal - blow this crystal when you need to contact us and you'll be teleported directly to Lletya. I must go now.
And as suddenly he appeared, he left. I did what I thought it was right: Told King Lathas Tyras was dead, and went back to my house in Yanille to have some rest.

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- You are excused. And welcome.
- Excuse me... oh... thanks.
- I'm a seer.
- Who are... eh...
- I can see everything from the past, present and future;

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Journey to the West

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