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Title: W00T

Robbedeli - December 29, 2008 04:14 PM (GMT)
user posted image
user posted image

starwolf_ftw - December 29, 2008 07:50 PM (GMT)
Nicely done! What method did you use to train?

Lamb Bug - December 29, 2008 08:30 PM (GMT)
Gratz Rob!

Get 90 so you can make 200k profit per fury!

Yamunu - December 29, 2008 09:44 PM (GMT)
grats :)

Robbedeli - December 29, 2008 10:03 PM (GMT)
ty guys, i'm using flax-> BS for the doubling of the money :P

starwolf_ftw - December 29, 2008 10:05 PM (GMT)
it's a nice way, but it's kinda slow imo, i prefer sapp bracelets, you can buy all the supplies at lowest at ge and sell sapp bracelets UNENCHANTED at highest make a nice profit there and get 4x the exp in a shorter amount of time.

Robbedeli - December 29, 2008 10:36 PM (GMT)
i'll be trying it out myself :)

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