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Title: What should I train on?

squeeki - December 13, 2008 07:56 AM (GMT)
Okay I am p2p. Level 85. I want to train my attack. Stats are 79 attack 62 str 61 def and 71 hp. Food isnt a big deal for me dont care about prayer. Im training at roaches atm and the exp seems fine but im just wondering if i should be training on anything ealse to make things faster.

Chuffa - December 13, 2008 11:48 AM (GMT)
You got Guthan?

Go to bandits. Or train Slayer.

starwolf_ftw - December 13, 2008 04:12 PM (GMT)
Training on roaches is really bad exp, they have high defence and low hp for their level. Only thing good about them is they got the best drops in f2p. If you want really good exp to speed things up, train on the spiders in the S.O.S. Bring a full inventory of food and just sit and watch it rack up. They attack automatically and 5 kills (like 2 mins tops) is 1k exp.

iamcoool11 - December 13, 2008 05:52 PM (GMT)
Im no expert, but I sudgest yaks or rock crabs, green or blue dragons maybe.

Icewolf68 - December 13, 2008 06:49 PM (GMT)
Yaks are very good experience, and so are Experiments. I would highly recommend Yaks, because they have 50 hp each and you can easily 2 or 3 hit them and you won't need to worry about food. Also, there is a bank really close by if you do end up needing food!


Chuffa - December 13, 2008 08:16 PM (GMT)
Oooooh i forgot about yaks, yeah they own.

squeeki - December 13, 2008 10:40 PM (GMT)
where are they located?

Icewolf68 - December 13, 2008 11:38 PM (GMT)
The island of Neitznot, from the quest "Fremennik Isles"


Kerkennah - December 13, 2008 11:40 PM (GMT)
Train at yaks, they are really good, you need to start fremmrick isles to get to them though.

rsw armoury - December 14, 2008 12:46 AM (GMT)
The fastest possible melee in p2p is skeletons. Roaches are really bad exp, and so are yaks.
When you are wearing a salve amulet (e), you get a 20% boost of attack and str against undead, making it your ONLY option in training melee. The best place by far is the chaos tunnels. Here's a guide written by Cameron from PC (not by me)

user posted image

Tired of hopping through 15+ worlds to find a sufficient bandit spot and then having it stolen by someone who's 64 defense and still has black gloves? Look no further here is your solution. The experience I gain per hour is greater than what I gained at bandits, because of the amulet below.
user posted image
Information on the Salve Amulet(e)
This is what makes the Experience here beautiful, its obtained after doing Haunted Mine and completing Tarn's Lair minigame.
The quest is a bit annoying but well worth it.
Haunted Mine guide
Lair of Tarn Razorlor guide
Follow those two guides until you've obtained the amulet. It will take an hour or two, but it is well worth it.

When you've gotten the amulet, you can now start training. You can do this without the amulet, but its a waste of prayer potions and a waste of your time.
user posted image
Inventory and gear- you can change whatever, just be sure to keep the amulet. Feel free to add a tab, but I simply walk out of the tunnels and bank in edgeville.
user posted image
Pray at Monastery if you're low prayer.
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

This is pretty much it.

Lolz to those who wanted this to stay quiet.

squeeki - December 14, 2008 01:56 AM (GMT)
wow this seems good thanks.

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