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Title: F2p/P2p Roach Hunting!

Sword User - December 10, 2008 08:56 PM (GMT)
(all events need topics ya know :P)

Event Date: 11 December 2008 (Single Day Event)

It's time to hunt some roaches!

Meet: Edgeville Bank, World 7 for the Freeplay Hunt, World 56 for the Members' Hunt.

Time: Members hunt at 4:00 PM Eastern (9:00 PM GMT) and Freeplay hunt at 7:00 Eastern (midnight GMT).

Please bring whatever gear you want.

starwolf_ftw - December 10, 2008 09:05 PM (GMT)
Count me.....IN! I got the day off, if I don't have lag I'll be the meatshield if no one objects to that! ;)

zoro894 - December 10, 2008 09:49 PM (GMT)
ill be there :)

stingster2 - December 10, 2008 11:07 PM (GMT)
ill try to make it but i might not be able to
im pretty sure its 5pm atlantic time for me for the first so maybe not that one interferes with schedule but maybe at around 5:45 i might be able to come.

True Fools - December 11, 2008 01:22 AM (GMT)
Oh, I'll be there for the f2p, because I can't make the p2p. But I'll only be on for a half hour cause I need to work on my debate tournament stuff.

Artegal - December 11, 2008 03:00 AM (GMT)
I can be there for the f2p one but the p2p one is too early for me. :(

squeeki - December 11, 2008 05:14 AM (GMT)
dang wont be able to make this one. hope you guys ger good drops and have fun.

Runeter2 - December 11, 2008 02:56 PM (GMT)
And again because of setting the gmt time a little to late i can't come, i never gona get the time to come on your events, try to do it like 2-4 hours earlier.

Sword User - December 11, 2008 04:36 PM (GMT)
try to do it like 2-4 hours earlier.

(This is Lamb's event btw :P )

Srjiglestik - December 11, 2008 05:15 PM (GMT)
theres no way i can make it, my basketball gets done at 5 pm and the event is at 4 pm if u made it just a little bit later i could go

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