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Title: Kevin's FOG Guide (Had Idea B4 Hell >.<)

Kevinsaurus - November 28, 2008 04:23 PM (GMT)
~~~*** Kevinsaurus's FOG (Fist of Guthix) Guide *** ~~~

1.0 Introductions
2.0 How to Get to Fist of Guthix
3.0 Fist of Guthix Cave
3.1 Fiara/Banker
3.2 Reggie and Shop
4.0 Pregame
5.0 Gameplay
5.1 Two Windows Tip
5.2 Arena
5.3 Winning/Losing
5.4 Recommended Stats
6.0 Equipment/Inventory
7.0 Prayer Guide
8.0 Scenario 1: Hunter First Hunted Second
8.1 Hunter Guide
8.2 Hunted Guide
8.2a Opponent Levels, and General
8.2b Rock Clusters
8.2c Single Rocks
8.2d Houses
9.0 Scenario 2: Hunted First Hunter Second
9.1 Hunted Guide
9.2 Hunter Guide
10.0 Notes/Final Remarks


Welcome to my personal guide to the Fist of Guthix Minigame.
This guide is just for f2p play, as I don't have p2p experience with this minigame.

This minigame is accessible to ALL players, f2p and p2p.

This IS, I repeat, IS a safe minigame, so you can bring your "noobish" showing off armor to play if you want (like i do =P)


To get to the Fist of Guthix minigame, follow the path from Varrock center east, then north until you reach the edge of the Wilderness.
Hop over into the Wilderness, and walk/run straight until around Level 6 Wilderness. It is just south of the Chaos Temple as well.
As you make your way to the entrance, watch out for any revenants lurking around, as they can deal large amounts of damage.

When you get to the entrance, click on the entrance to enter the cave, where you will be taken to the westernmost part of the cave.

Head east to get to the game. Just North of the entrance is Fiara. She can tell you all about the game if you need help.

Also, you can see your current Fist of Guthix rating in the top left hand corner of the game screen. If you get a high enough rating, you can make the high scores!

A little the west walking around is the oh-so-fabulous Banker. Just 'Bank Banker' to access your bank.

A little west of him at the north side is a Table and Reggie!
Reggie has his unlimited inventory of items you can buy with Fist of Guthix tokens.
Here is a brief overview of the f2p items that can be bought.

Item / Requirements / Cost / Recharge / Cost / Effect
Druidic mage hood / 20 Magic, and 10 Defence / 100 / 35 / Magic boost
Druidic mage top / 20 Magic, and 10 Defence / 300 / 100 / Magic boost
Druidic mage bottom / 20 Magic, and 10 Defence / 200 / 70 / Magic boost
Green d'hide coif / 40 Ranged, and 40 Defence / 150 / 25 / Ranged boost
Bronze gauntlets / None / 15 / 3 / Defence boost
Iron gauntlets / None / 30 / 5 / Defence boost
Steel gauntlets / 5 Defence / 50 / 8 / Defence boost
Black gauntlets / 10 Defence / 75 / 13 / Defence boost
Mithril gauntlets / 20 Defence / 100 / 17 / Defence boost
Adamant gauntlets / 30 Defence / 150 / 25 / Defence boost
Rune gauntlets / 40 Defence / 200 / 35 / Defence boost
Adamant spikeshield / 35 Defence / 50 / 8 / Defence and Strength boost
Adamant berserker shield / 35 Defence / 100 / 17 / Defence and Strength boost
Rune spikeshield / 45 Defence / 200 / 35 / Defence and Strength boost
Rune berkserker shield / 45 Defence / 300 / 50 / Defence and Strength boost
Air runecrafting gloves / 10 Runecrafting / 75 / N/A / Double the experience when crafting Air runes for 1000 essence
Water runecrafting gloves / 20 Runecrafting / 75 / N/A / Double the experience when crafting Water runes for 1000 essence
Earth runecrafting gloves / 30 Runecrafting / 75 / N/A / Double the experience when crafting Earth runes for 1000 essence
Swordfish gloves / 65 Fishing / 200 / N/A / 100 extra experience for each swordfish harpooned for 1000 swordfish


To play the game, go to the east end of the Cave and go through the passage there.
This will take you to a large waiting room, where players must wait until there are enough players in the room to start a new round of the game.
You can't really do anything in here except talk, or go and examine the cleaner =P.

You will also receive some items when you go into the waiting room. These are:
5 Badanges, each healing 15 hitpoints (you use these when you are hunted)
300 Catalytic Runes (Mind, Body, Chaos, Nature, Death)
1000 Elemental Runes (Air, Fire, Earth, Water)
1 Teleorb (brings you within 5 squares of the center of the Fist of Guthix)


As soon as there are about 15-20 people at least, the game will begin.
When the game starts, you will either be the HUNTER or the HUNTED. In either case, you will start next to a source of stones of power.
Your opponent's name will be in a box in the upper right corner along with the number of charges you have that game. In the bottom left corner, there will be a bar. For each round, this bar resets at the beginning.
This bar shows how much time there is remaining in the round. Each round can last a maximum of 10 minutes.

It is to your advantage if you can to fit two windows open on your screen: One for Runescape and one for the highscores. With fast clicking and typing,
go to the highscores window and enter your opponent's name. Then you'll be able to see any of your opponent's ranked stats. This helps you get a feel for what
you're up against and how tough and well you'll need to play in order to win.

The game room is HUGE first of all...
There are 8 Stone Dispensers equally spaced out around the edges of the room, from which you can get a Stone of Power, a stone you must wield with both hands
to collect charges when you are hunted.
Other than that, there are 37 statues randomly placed around the arena. Notice that the statues are what charges your stone of power during the game. The green clouds of energy originate from them.
There are also arrangements of rocks around, some useless, some helpful, and some just plain annoying!

There is a circle at the center, which can be occupied by standing on any of the four squares on that spot. This is the place where you will find the most people at any given time.

Around the center area, there are 4 houses, each with 4 entrances on each side, and a portal at the center of the house.
While in the house, you cannot be seen by any other players, or attacked.
When you pass through a barrier to get into the house, you lose some health. If you stay in the building longer, you will continue to lose health.
When you leave a house through a barrier, you will also lose health.
Going in this portal will result in being teleported to another portal in a different building.
Occasionally, a portal will fail, and you will be teleported to somewhere outside a house between the house you were in and the center.
You must wait at least 20 seconds after exiting a house before you can enter one again.

The second round begins when either:
- The hunter kills the hunted before 10 minutes is up.
- The time limit of 10 minutes runs out.
- The hunted collects 5,000 charges.

You win the game when:
- You collect 5,000 charges (unless you both happen to do so, which will probably never happen in your foging.)
- Both rounds are completed and you have collected more charges than your opponent.
- Your opponent leaves an exit tunnel and forfeits the game.

You gain rating when you win a game, and lose rating when you lose a game. The amount of rating you gain/lose is affected by both of your levels, the charge difference, etc. When you lose, you usually only lose a couple or few rating points.

Forfeiting by means of the exit tunnel means that in your next game, you will receive fewer rating and tokens if you win the game. This is a means to keep people from forfeiting.

You gain tokens when you win a game, this is affected by similar things as the rating is, and you can get 30 tokens max per game.
If you lose a game but don't forfeit, you will gain 1 token for "good effort".

Also for gameplay, as you are closer and closer to the center of the Fist of Guthix your run energy will recharge faster and faster up to the point where you get 3% back per second.

Also, the number of charges you get while wielding the stone of power depends on how close you are to the center of the Fist of Guthix.
You get a 'helping' of charges every 3 seconds approximately.
They can be either 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, or 28.

One last thing for this part of the guide: If you have higher stats, the effectiveness of some stats may be reduced to make the gameplay slightly more fair so you don't completely slaughter your opponent.

NOTE: This is the part of the guide where I completely separate entirely from all those other guides and tell what I do to be successful. It is also important to note that these are based on my stats when I play the game.

The following stats are not crucial to following this strategy, but you'll be much more successful if you have these:
70+ Strength
60+ Defense
59+ Mage
70+ Range (although range isn't necessarily needed)


When you enter the waiting room, you should wear the following:
Any Staff, Wizard hat, Wizard robe, Blue Skirt, Rune Gauntlets if you wish (regular gloves work fine too), Amulet of Magic, Cape if you wish, and Arrows (only if you have 75+ range and really think you can kill fast with range)
Your inventory should contain (this is the order from left to right I use):
Rune Full Helm, Rune Platebody, Rune Platelegs, Rune Scimitar
Green D'hide Body, Green D'hide Chaps, Green D'hide Vambs, Amulet of Strength
The rest should just be the items you get from the game.

Keep your tokens and any extraneous items in the bottom row so they don't get in the way. You won't need boots really, and you won't need a shield because you can't wield it when you're being hunted since the stone of power is a two-handed object. The main reason you don't need these two are because they aren't used during the game, they cause to you weigh more and run slowly/run degrades faster, and because they give negative bonuses for and against mage attacks.

ALSO, make sure that AUTO-RETALIATE is OFF!!!

IMPORTANT: The following are two scenarios, one when you are hunter first, and one when you are hunted first. They are a little different but affect the way you should play.


Against very low levels, the only really effective pray you could use is the 2x Hitpoints restore prayer, as it can save you for a little while.
Against medium-level players, use protect prayers or the steel skin prayer. Also, make sure you have the correct gear on ;).
Against high level players, it is necessary to have both steel skin and your appropriate protect prayer on.

If maging, use mystic might!
If you're ranging, use eagle eye!
If you're meleeing, use both Ultimate Strength and Incredible Reflexes (this is why I like attacking w/melee more, cuz you have two prayers to help you out!)

Important Notes: Protect Prayers generally do not work in this minigame. They are reduced by an extreme amount. Also, don't forget to turn off prayers if you're not using them lol, or it's a waste!


As soon as the countdown is commencing, use the arrow keys to turn your screen so you're at the bottom.
When the countdown is over, immediately click as far to the north as you can on the minimap (make sure you already have run on).
As you are running, quickly go to the high scores window and enter in your hunted's name.
When it loads, immediately look at your opponent's melee stats, hp level, range, and mage. You should get a rough feel for the style of attacking they might use based on this.
Also, this will help you know how much hp you'll have to knock down. This info also helps you to determine their combat level roughly.
Go back to the game window and click up again and continue running forward. Now, go to the weapon sidebar and choose your magic attack.

If you see your opponent now or before this point, pan your screen view up or down so you can see your target and hover your mouse over them to see what level they are.
If they are around your level or higher, immediately attack them with mage. If they are a lower level, put on your Scimitar and strength amulet quickly and attack them.
In this case, if they run to you, great. But if they keep running away from you or towards a portal, quickly go to the magic sidebar and cast bind on them. The bind should work because you still have your magic armor on, giving you a roughly good magic bonus.
Continue like this until the hunted is dead.

If you don't see your opponent yet, continue straight until you can see the other end of the game arena. If your opponent's yellow arrow indicator isn't flashing on the minimap, you know he's either gone to the center or off to the sides.
At this point, run back towards the center to make sure he/she isn't there. If he/she is, put on your scimitar and strength amulet and attack them with melee immediately. Follow the same strategy as previously stated to defeat your opponent.

If they aren't in the center, go off to the side in one of the four directions. Turn run OFF and start walking around to look for your opponent. Do not walk too far from the center but far enough so you can see your opponent if they are to be against the wall.
After walking 1/4th of the way around, if you can't find your opponent, put run ON and go back to the center to see if they're there or not. If not, continue this process for the other three quarters of the arena.
If you STILL can't find your opponent after this, all you can do is to keep trying this method until you find them. You might want to try going in the opposite direction around the arena if your opponent is constantly moving.
Don't worry if you can't find them for a while through this method. If they're hiding on the outside, they can only get either about 60 or 120 charges a minute, not a lot. This guide will help you easily overcome this minor deficit.

If you find your opponent on the outside, attack them with the best spell of your level (you should still have mage equipment on). If they stand there and don't move, continue maging them; DO NOT run up and melee them, UNLESS you know they have already used their tele-orb.
If you melee them, they will most definitely tele-orb to the center before you get to them. If you want to, you can also just bind them and then melee them.

If your opponent is a big runner, it might be a good idea not to keep meleeing them or maging them, but to bind them every once in a while, to save your run a bit while on the chase and attacking.

Sometimes, your opponent will hug some rocks so that you cannot constantly melee them. This can be annoying. The best thing to do is to either keep your attention up and click and react quickly to where your opponent moves.
Your other option is to swiftly switch to maging or ranging your opponent.

There are some groups of rocks however, which you cannot mage or range or melee in certain positions. These can be very annoying. Although these areas bring around 15-21 charges, having your binds on the ready and accurate and fast clicking will allow you to kill your opponent in no time.

Now, there will be plenty of opponents you face who are real house noobs (like me =P). If your opponent runs towards a house, just keep attacking them, or just bind them and continue attacking that way.
If your opponent likes to use houses, it's a good idea to melee them when you're up close, but to also mage them to get distance attacks off if they keep teleporting through the portals.

If your opponent passes through a barrier, you should immediately head to one of the 4 center squares.

In general, if you're opponent is far from you, mage them or range them. Remember, mage if they have armor on, range if they have mage armor on, and melee works on everything.
If you don't like far range attacks, you can also just bind them and run over and melee them with a scimitar.
If you have considerably high melee stats, then the best method to kill would always just be meleeing them... (don't forget to bind!)
Also, since you're the hunter first, DO NOT USE THE TELEORB; it isn't necessary in this round.

As the hunted, the first thing you want to do is grab that stone of power from the stone dispenser immediately.
Then immediately wield the stone of power.

Here's an important part to being hunted second.
You SHOULD have checked the highscores while you were hunting for your opponent's melee, mage, and range stats.
Based on these stats, you should be able to figure out what style of attack they're most likely to use on you.
You can also use their relative combat level to yours to determine how seriously you need to treat the round.

If their combat level is extremely low (40-) then you should've been able to kill them relatively fast, or if not fast, at least allowed them to collect a small amount of charges.
If they have high stats or have a high combat level, or even similar stats/level, you should treat this round seriously and play very strategically.


After wielding the stone of power, turn run on if you have not already.
Then immediately run to the left or right of the arena, ALONG THE SIDES! This way, if your opponent is semi-close to the center, they still won't see you as you are running.

Since this is an f2p guide, run until you have roughly 60% of run energy remaining.
If you don't have it on already, while you are running, you should equip your d'hide body, d'hide chaps, and d'hide vambs, and keep your wizard hat.
This will provide you with a very strong f2p mage defense.

At this point, turn run off, and continue walking until you are aroudn the top right corner. (Your screen should be positioned so the bottom of the screen was the wall when you started the round.)
Now slowly walk towards the nearest house. You want to walk to the square just next to the outside corner of the house. When you start to get close, walk square by square.
If at any time you see your opponent's yellow arrow flashing, turn run on and run back immediately.

If your opponent saw you, you'll know cuz the arrow will move towards you. Run all the way to the wall and when they get close enough, tele-orb to the center.
While they are running towards you, adjust the view so you can tell what style of attack they're using to kill you.
Once you tele to the center, turn the protect pray of that style of attack on.
NOTE: Protect prayers are very weak in this minigame, but still work here and there. If you want (and this is what I do sometimes), use steel skin instead as it provides you with a better defense.

MAGE DEFENSE: D'hide/Mage set - d'hide body, d'hide chaps, d'hide vambs, wizard hat
RANGE DEFENSE: full rune - kite (rune full helm, rune platebody, rune platelegs/plateskirt)
MELEE DEFENSE: full rune - kite (rune full helm, rune platebody, rune platelegs/plateskirt)

If they don't catch you, you may want to just hide out a bit (around the area where you get 10 or 15 charges) and then move towards the center again.
It is wise to hide right in front of an outside corner of a house to keep you a little more hidden.

If at any point you don't see your opponent in the center, immediately run towards the center and get on the square in the middle with the most people.
People never listen to dd calls or anything, but dd's in the center super effective and annoying when you're being hunted.
Remember, if you see them still there (some players are noobs and stay there the whole time >.<), just keep waiting.
If you're getting bored of waiting or time is running low, you can run towards the center and stay there the rest of the time.


Here are three good methods I use when I am being hunted. It differs based on how much the opponent hits and which one you desire. I don't want to give all my strategies away ;)... so in case you're wondering, I've still got 4 more tricks =P.

~Eastern Rock Cluster~
Just east of the center, just past the houses, there is a cluster of rocks (6 i think). Staying next to this group of rocks provides you 15 charges.
This is a great group of rocks to hide and run around because of how annoying it is.
First, make sure your view is the top view so that you can have easy clicking access anywhere around that cluster.
Maging and ranging do not work across the rocks, so if you hug the rocks, you should easily be able to avoid these attacks. You may have to keep moving (running) since they'll keep chasing after you.
The same goes for melee. If you run and hug the rocks, you'll get your hunter stuck behind a rock.
This is a really good way of annoying your hunter =P... while collecting a decent amount of charges.

~North/South Center Single Rocks~
Just north and south of the center, a few squares, there are single squares of rocks/rubble.
These are a good way to escape attacks, but ONLY IF YOUR BEING MELEED.
Make sure you have run on and you hug these rocks precisely to avert attacks.
When your opponent attacks you, just run to the next side of the rock or to the other side so your opponent can't attack you.
Make sure you have your prayer on when you do this.
This is a good method because you can avoid attacks for little periods of time, but it builds up well.
Plus, you get the max 28 charges when you around doing this.

~House Stalling~
This is a quick tip to use but it works most of the time.
When you go into a house, wait until your opponent leaves that area around the house to go look for you.
Go out through the flames closest to the side of the arena a.k.a. away from the center.
Your opponent will take a while to look for you, and while he/she does so, you can easily gather 15/21 charges like this.
By the time your opponent finds you, you should be able to enter the house again and repeat.
However, oponnents will catch on, so later you might want to use the portals.



Almost the same idea as before:
Immediately pick up the stone of power and run along the sides.
At the same time, check your opponent in the high scores.

Use the same strategies as before to avert hunter attacks and last as long as you can.
DO NOT use the teleorb!

IMPORTANT: Right before you die, or as you're about to die, put on your staff or scimitar/melee weapon.


As soon as the round starts, use the teleorb.
Then immediately run towards the other side where your opponent should've started off at.
You should be able to find your opponent if you are running.
If so, immediately attack them/bind them then attack. Make sure to use prayers for attacking boosts!
Remember, if doing mage, you need to set your spell, which will take a little more time.

If your opponent teleorbs to the center, just let your character follow him/her.
If they stay in the center, you want to make sure you're meleeing and not maging.

If they aren't at the other end, immediately run towards the center to check if they're there.
If so, attack.
If not, go to either one of the sides to search for your opponent follow similar ideas as stated before to win!


NOTE: I did not include any ranger tips really. Ranging is helpful, but in FOG it's mainly just melee and mage that will decide the game, especially Melee. Even though Range attacks are faster than Melee attacks, most people have a good strength, and Meleeing with the help of praying allows you to hit often and high.
So unless you have extremely high range, I'd leave the bow and arrows in the bank.

ENJOY your time at Fist of Guthix. Hopefully this guide has helped and you can be more successfully at the game now. Best of Luck! =)

- Kevin

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