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Title: AL Weekly (11-24-08)

Golden arm42 - November 24, 2008 12:34 PM (GMT)
It's time for another issue of AL Weekly.

This weekend, we set a new record with a pull of 23 and fought Lethality (pics and vids here. As I said earlier, we did an excellent job pulling and fighting (in particular, gratz to Squeeki for an outstanding hugging/tanking job). There are a few things we need to get a little better, though: see this topic. If we make these changes, we'll be that much better as a clan. fiyah!

That brings me to our second point. This week, as most of you know, is Thanksgiving Weekend in the United States. Please vote in the new poll: would you like a war this weekend as we've been doing the last few weeks? Or, would you prefer to spend this weekend doing whatever you want?

We've also got several interesting events coming up this week. Please see the events forum or the calendar for more information about these events.

Have a good week!

squeeki - November 24, 2008 07:13 PM (GMT)
Wow thanks for the recognition :D . Can't wait till next war. Hopefully we pull like 25 or something huge like that. War against Bob's clan this friday! Great week guys :lol:

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