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Title: Some awesome songs

emad559 - October 31, 2008 03:49 AM (GMT)
Here are some pwnage songs I felt like posting.. metallica-master of puppets disturbed-down with the sickness my chemical romance-our lady of sorrows nirvana-lithium nirvana-come as you are

I'll probably post some more songs later.

Chuffa - October 31, 2008 08:18 AM (GMT)
I don't like My Chem, others are good songs though.

Necroswordia - October 31, 2008 11:52 AM (GMT)

hellbound487 - October 31, 2008 02:03 PM (GMT)
disturbed and metallica owns :)

emad559 - November 1, 2008 03:21 PM (GMT)
Yeah Nirvana, metallica, and disturbed do own. My chem is alright but the singer has a really high pitched voice and that can get annoying.

3monightmar3 - November 7, 2008 06:31 AM (GMT)
all good songs in my opinion! :D

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