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Title: KRs Banner

*KR* omyme - October 16, 2008 07:11 PM (GMT)
user posted image

*KR* omyme - October 16, 2008 07:28 PM (GMT)
user posted image

red ring 95 - October 16, 2008 08:44 PM (GMT)
im not too big a fan of anime, but i love the shading on the banner.

sig is pwnge, maybe a kr spam could be cool somewhere in the backround.

9/10, awesome work

Chuffa - October 16, 2008 08:45 PM (GMT)
Nice banner, would be better if you used a better font for '85+', or maybe make it blend in more, it just looks like its stuck on lol :P

Very good aside that though. king

Jamesino - October 16, 2008 09:47 PM (GMT)
It's alright, but the text could be better blended.

Upperninety8 - October 16, 2008 10:44 PM (GMT)
The text is bad :\

Xmaster - October 16, 2008 11:13 PM (GMT)
whoa looks nice :D

but the big one some words are hard because it sorta blends in into the background :P

*KR* omyme - October 17, 2008 01:05 AM (GMT)
i see what u mean lol =p

Coldsteelx - October 18, 2008 11:18 AM (GMT)
I think the white writing should be black so that it matches the clan name. Looks very good anyway, 8.5/10 ;)

Lord Trevino - October 19, 2008 04:53 PM (GMT)
looks really nice but the little caption on the bottom seems a bit hard to read.nice banner.

Crash - October 19, 2008 08:59 PM (GMT)
I favor the second image, but there are some minor faults. The white text, the white doesn't really fit in with the black and red. Also the small black sentence is a little too pixilated and too small.

For the first and bigger image, the 85+ in the corners are badly placed. Id suggest getting rid of the one on the right side completely, and changng the one on the left to a different color. Possibly making it a little bigger. The same goes with the sentence as in the second image, its too small and too pixilated, making it unreadable. It sort of gets sucked into the black smudge behind it.

They are very nice banners though. I like the reflection of the text and the blending of the anime fits nicely with the rest of the image.
I'd rate them both at about an 8/10 :)

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