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mrfresshhhhh - October 7, 2008 06:26 PM (GMT)
everything im selling is at market price

lobsters cooked or raw- 500 in stock
swordies cooked or raw-200 in stock
iron bars or ores-300 in stock
coal- 200 in stock
steal bars 100 in stock
iron knives- 5k in stock
iron arrows 10k in stock
logs-1k in stock
willows 1k in stock
maples 400k in stock
oaks-2k in stock
chaos 1k in stock
firesx 22k in stock
deaths 300 in stock

saphires cut 15/uncute 13
emeralds cut 6/uncut 13
rubys cut 7/uncut 6
diomond cut3/uncut 3

limpwort root
vials of water

place ur orders and ill will get right on em :D

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