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Title: Ello ^.^
Description: KR 4 Life

*KR* omyme - October 6, 2008 08:47 PM (GMT)
Hi i am Omyme Founder of Knights Reflection. I love work/ posting on fourms. Knights reflection has been around for more then 1 Year now. goldcrown

My name is Arthur.
My RS name is Omyme
My Stats are
user posted image


I would love to talk you you guys and just be good friends. I love the skin on this board too lol.

If you guys ever want me to come to a event with u i would love to ^.^ I am not saying that i can make all of them but i would love to help out. king

mage_miner10 - October 6, 2008 09:14 PM (GMT)
Woah nice stats! Well Hello and Welcome to AL! I hope you will enjoy it here.

*KR* omyme - October 6, 2008 09:18 PM (GMT)
TY i work hard ^.^

Xmaster - October 6, 2008 09:46 PM (GMT)
whoa very nice ^_^

Welcome to A.L

Coldsteelx - October 7, 2008 03:21 PM (GMT)
Welcome to AL ^_^

*KR* omyme - October 7, 2008 07:10 PM (GMT)
:holiday: TY

3monightmar3 - October 8, 2008 05:54 AM (GMT)
love those stats also, and the kick-[BEEP] avvy!

*KR* omyme - October 8, 2008 11:26 PM (GMT)
lol thanks i hope u peeps will invite me to a event ^.^ king

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