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Title: Defender of Varrok

Necroswordia - September 29, 2008 07:13 PM (GMT)
Captain Rovin is eager to recruit a bold adventurer for a scouting mission to the Wilderness. There's talk among the Varrock Guard of suspicious zombie behaviour and sightings of well-armoured zombies standing in organised formations. This isn't normal behaviour for zombies - they're much more likely to wander around aimlessly when left to their own devices. Could someone be controlling them?

There are tales of evil beings leading zombie armies in the past, and when they have, the city of Varrock has come under great peril, only standing firm through the brave resolve of the people and heroes of the city. This could become much more than a simple scouting mission.

"Itís a long time since Iíve written a quest and Iíve been working on this for a while now, so Iím excited about this update.

"Iíve created lots of back-story about RuneScape over the years so itís good to have the opportunity to reveal more of it through my own quests. You may have noticed that the Legend of Arrav has some loose ends and I felt it was time to address those. Iíve tried hard to create a quest with some interesting puzzles and an exciting storyline. I hope you enjoy it."

Paul, RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start the Defender of Varrock quest:
Talk to Captain Rovin in the north-west tower of Varrock Palace.

Requirements to complete the Defender of Varrock quest:
Level 51 Agility
Level 51 Hunter
Level 54 Smithing
Level 59 Mining
Shield of Arrav
The Knight's Sword
Romeo and Juliet
Demon Slayer
Temple of Ikov
The Family Crest
What Lies Below
Garden of Tranquillity
Able to fight multiple level 85 enemies
Claim Varrock Museum kudos for completing Shield of Arrav
Willing to brave the dangers of revenants in the Wilderness

Reading the Legend of Arrav in the Lores and Histories will give you a better appreciation of the storyline of the quest.


In Other News:

Weíve made some changes to dangerous Clan Wars fights. In such matches, you may be able to collect some of your defeated foes' items - food, potions, runes and other ammunition - assuming you can use them in the current battle (so you can't pick up food if the use of food has been disabled, for instance). Any such drops will affect both your and your victim's trade limit.

Weíve expanded the range of items that you can lend to other players. These include a small amount of newer Treasure Trail items as well as some old ones, dragon spears and most rune and granite armor and weapons. To see if the item you want is lendable, check the Game Guide for more information.

The bone grinder on the top floor of the Ectofuntus temple now works in a similar fashion to the ĎGrind-xí mechanic. Making bonemeal should now be a little easier and stop you grinding your fingers to the bone!

The bracelet of regeneration has been given some combat stats to make it more attractive to use as an item. While this makes it more expensive, the bonuses should now make this a rather good choice for some types of combat.

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