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Title: Sacred Champions Is Dead.

Necroswordia - September 21, 2008 12:59 PM (GMT)
This Morning, in the clan chat, ori satarted FLAMING us again. Now, i think what we should do, is gather some screenies of him flaming us, and post it on RSC, Sal's, etc. try and make his clan die.

here is one screenie:

user posted image

ori is really pissing me off like crazy now. I kick him every time he goes on cc whatever the reason.

coolmageİ - September 21, 2008 01:06 PM (GMT)
He is pissed because he is banned from our forums. I was talking to him he said he works for a future NASA program that designs space ships and he gets 7k a year and he's only 15 lol

emad559 - September 21, 2008 02:33 PM (GMT)
He needs to get a life.

Coldsteelx - September 21, 2008 04:19 PM (GMT)
He should be pissed at himself for being banned, it's entirely his fault. I think we should just ban him from everything to do with AL tbh...

3monightmar3 - September 26, 2008 01:45 AM (GMT)
it dont think this reli matters...thatd make our clan look sad and its jus not worth the effort :( try 2 just kick and ignore him and eventually he will get bored and find something better to do with his life holiday

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