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Anabasis > Alkamia > Weighing Silicone and Carbon Life

Posted by: DragonSage1313 Jul 28 2008, 11:45 PM
Alkamia, the newest Anabasis moon, will feature a new twist on a familiar formula: Silicone life is now an option! Here on Alkamia, life is classified into two bases: Carbon and Silicone. Your base determines some basic properties of the creature you make.

Carbon Life
--Carbon's most basic inherant trait is it's adaptibility and flexibility. Being a smaller atom than silicone, carbon makes creatures that wriggle and flex in familiar ways. This makes the creatures based on carbon grow faster, move easier, float in water more easily, and live shorter lives. Carbon creatures are comparitively short-lived, each individual living to about one-half the length of a comparative silicone counterpart. This, however does make them more apt to adapt easily.

In short, carbon's points to remember:
--Faster, more easy movement
--Built for speed, and lightweight
--Grow to full size faster, but also die sooner
--Dull colors by default, making them more easily camoflauged in plants and soil
--Able to digest CARBON ONLY

Silicone Life
--Silicone is a metal. Creatures made of silicone are rigid, sturdy creatures that move in slow motion. Their metal-based bodies cannot keep up with carbon-based organisms, but their slower body functions make it so they don't really have to. They don't need to feed as often as carbon creatures, and also naturally sink to depths that most carbon creatures would find the extreme of their ability to swim in. Creatures based on silicone live by the motto 'slow and steady wins the race'. Also, silicone life is more likely to have a shiny exterior, as well as be quite difficult for a carbon creature to defeat, much less digest.

In short, silicone's most important facts:
--Slower, but sturdier. Naturally pressure resistant
--Built for the long haul, with heavy bodies
--Grow slower, but live twice as long.
--More vibrant, electric colors, making them stand out unless disguised by similar features.
--Able to digest some carbon for energy, but silicone is a better nutrient sourse

If there are any questions about your base in general, post it here and I will answer. This will serve as an FAQ introduction to the two base system. And remember, silicone life is exclusive to Alkamia! No metallic worms in Elysia.

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