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Title: Templates
Description: New and Evolved Organism Templates

DragonSage1313 - March 22, 2008 08:40 PM (GMT)
New creatures:

Name: -The name of your creature
Creator: -Your name goes here
Genes: -Up to four genes can go here
Description: -Tell us what your creature looks like, how it acts, and the niche it fills in the environment

Evolved creature:

Name: -The name of your creature
Ancestory: -Follow the format "Oldest -> Older -> Old -> Newer -> Name"
Creator: -Your name goes yere
Genes Added: -Up to three new genes you are adding to your organism
Genes Removed: -Up to two genes you are taking away to rid your organisms gene pool of them
Total Genes: -The updated list of genes that your creature has
Description: -Tell us what has changed to make your creature new and different, what its new behavior is, what its new niche in the environment is, and what it looks like. Bonus points if you can explain why or how the changes took place.

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