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Title: Philippine Military Acquisition Thread
Description: Beyond the three-phase NMP

Philippines [JBHemlock] - December 15, 2008 12:10 AM (GMT)
(OOC - This is largely for me to track acquisitions as the plan progresses, but feel free to bid on supplying this!)

For purposes of procurement, these are prices I've found for domestically produced military gear.

Ferfrans SOAR series rifle (typically ~$500 per unit)
- Derivative of the M-16
- Functions well in tropical/jungle condition
- Low cyclic rate of fire for improved controllability

Ferfrans DMR $500
- Derived from the M-14
- Designated Marksman Rifle

MMPV $7200, equipped to standard military spec
- Domestically produced HMMV variant

Floro MK-9 $750 per unit
- Inexpensive 9mm SMG
- Derived from "grease gun"

ACT Bronco (OV-10P) $4.2 million per unit
- Domestically produced OV-10
- D-model engines, M-model prop, shortened wings with Hoerner tips for increased performance
- Forward looking IR detector in lengthened nose
- IR-suppressive exhaust stacks, flare & chaff dispensers in booms
- Modern "glass" cockpit

Philippines [JBHemlock] - December 23, 2008 07:50 PM (GMT)

These are ending up all over the place, so this is going to be my definitive list of acquisitions.

Ships and boats
- 1 Beleares class frigate (Spain)
- 4 Lupo class Frigates (Venezuela)
- 2 Cassard class frigates w/ chopper & ammo contracts (France)
- 10 MHV 900 patrol boats - for coast guard (Denmark)
- 30 VTS class guard boats - for coast guard (Denmark)
- 11 Jose Andrada patrol boats (domestically produced)
- 3 Teresa Magbanua class corvette (Phalanx, domestically produced)
- 1 Teresa Magbuana class corvette - (Barak, domestically produced)
- 8 Bacolod class LSV
- 23 French P400 patrol boats
- 3 Barak launchers (on Jacinto corvettes)
- 37 Protector USV
- 20 F-16C/52 (US)
- 6 F-16D/52 (US)
- 6 F-16E/60 (US)
- 3 F-16F/60 (US)
- 10 T-38 Talon (US)
- 20 T-6B Texan II (US)
- 4 CH-47 Chinook heavy lift helicopters (US)
- 2 C-130J 30 transports (US)
- 10 AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters (US)
- 20 R22 helicopter trainers (US)
- 25 Diamond DA20 primary trainers (US)
- 7 OV-10 Broncos, spares, support gear, etc
- 20 OV-10P Broncos (Domestic)
- 56 Huey II upgrade
- 12 AS 550 C2 Fennec helicopters (Denmark)
- 4 AgustaWestland AW101 helicopters (Denmark)
- 4 Super Lynx helicopters (Denmark)
Air defense
- 100 Stinger missiles, radars, mounts, training, etc
- 14 SPYDER SAM installations, consultation, resupply contract
- 210 Skylite A - Canister Launched mini-UAV system
- 30 IAI Searcher II UAV
- 24 IAI Heron UAV
Heavy weapons
- 25 Soltam M-71 155mm Howitzers
- 100 M198 155mm towed howitzers (US, refurbished)
- 4000 AT4 antitank weapons
- 400 M224 60mm mortars
- 100 M252 81mm mortars
- 60 Spike anti-tank guided missile launcher (120 missiles)
Infantry gear
- 50,000 Improved Outer Tactical Vest
- 180,000 TAV-21J (Israel)
- 180,000 Jericho 941 in 0.45 ACP (Israel)
Vehicles, utility
- 8500 MHI MMPV
- 60 CARPET minefield clearing systems
- 90 Wolf Armoured Vehicle
- 60 AIL Storm III
- 240 M1117 ASV
- 150 LAV-25 APC

q3 2015
- 30 M1117 ASV (USA)
q4 2015
- 30 M1117 ASV (USA)
q1 2016
- 6 F-16E
- 3 F-16F
- 33 Huey II conversions
q1 2017
- 8 F-16E
- 34 Huey II conversions
- 1 Scorpène class submarine
q1 2018
- 1 Scorpène class submarine
q1 2019
- 1 Scorpène class submarine

Italy [Cloud Strife] - January 18, 2009 07:59 PM (GMT)
As the Philippines has always stood for democracy in an undemocratic region of Asia, the Italian Republic offers its experience in naval systems to the Filipino people. As part of an ongoing effort by the Italian Government to fight the War on Terror we are prepared to off $120 million USD in grants as well as preliminary approval for the transfer of naval assets (ships, dry docks) to the Philippines.

Philippines [JBHemlock] - January 18, 2009 08:07 PM (GMT)
The Republic of the Philippines gratefully accepts the offer of Italian aid. Italy's marine experience is considerable, and will be valuable to us in these troubled times.

OOC: Did you have something specific in mind, ship-wise?

Venezuela [X6958] - January 18, 2009 11:04 PM (GMT)
[I have a deal. I'll sell you 4 of my Lupo-class frigates in late 2012, and you can use the Italian aid to refit them/upgrade them. If you want to spend any more, you can make them pretty nice ships. Price is $110M per unit.]

Italy [Cloud Strife] - January 18, 2009 11:18 PM (GMT)
The Italian Republic will offer the transfer of two Audace class destroyers recently decommissioned and due for scraping next year. We also offer four mothballed Nazario Sauro class diesel-electric submarines to provide the Philippines with experience in underwater warfare.

To ensure that the Filipino people can continue to operate and eventually build their own indigenous equipment, we propose that the remainder of dry docks and naval ordinance stations at Subic Freeport be turned into the nucleus for a new Navy Yard. We shall also offer training, instruction, and infrastructure support.

We propose a 60/40 split on expenses with the Italian Government paying for 60% and the Philippine Government paying 40%. We merely ask that Italian corporations be given some preference when bidding for projects in this naval modernization program.

Philippines [JBHemlock] - January 19, 2009 12:11 AM (GMT)
To Italy: The Italian plan fits well with our own plan for modernization of our navy and infrastructure. We would certainly be interested in working with Italy in this way, especially as it would give our shipyards valuable experience with modern large combat vessels.

What would the total cost to us of transfer of these assets be?

To Venezuela: The Lupo class frigates would fit well with our growing navy. Have they been extensively modernized? $110 million per unit would make sense in this context only if they do not require significant work.

Venezuela [X6958] - January 19, 2009 12:29 AM (GMT)
The vessels are not heavily used. We could, of course, negotiate a reduced price, if you wish. The ships do not require refit to make them operational, as they are already quite capable, however, we suggest upgrades (through Italy) be made, to improve operational capability.

United States [Ebedron] - January 19, 2009 12:42 AM (GMT)
SIC from United States to Phillippines

If there is anything you need, do not hesitate to ask, and we will try to assist you.

Philippines [JBHemlock] - January 19, 2009 12:59 AM (GMT)
To Venezuela: We would be willing to pay $110 per unit for frigates upgraded to the standards of ARV Mariscal Sucre, or $70 million per unit other Lupo class.

SIC to the United States: Thank you for your offer of support. With our current budget changes, we are now able to consider purchase of fighter aircraft, as well as additional support aircraft and other assets. We understand that the US will be completing its current F-16 production contracts this year, and we would be interested in purchasing either new or late-model retired F-16s. We are also considering purchasing additional American-made assets such as Huey II conversions, and additional infantry support equipment. We will work up a contract proposal once we hear from you about the F-16s (OOC: I have no idea if the US could make new ones, but I imagine you'll have quite a few retired ones as you phase in more F-35s).

United States [Ebedron] - January 19, 2009 01:15 AM (GMT)
Ooc I think the ones retired can just be modified and then resold.

Philippines [JBHemlock] - January 19, 2009 06:18 AM (GMT)
OOC: What do you think a set of 20 F-16C/block 52 and 6 F-16D/block 52 would cost?

A 2006 contract with Pakistan worked out to about $38.8 million each, plus another $17.7 million each in assorted weapons and pods. I've been vacillating about the whole new/refurbished thing, but I'd be happy paying $30 million each for fully refurbished ones. I'd also want a support and arms contract for them similar to the 2006 Pakistani one - figure another $18.5 million each for that.

We'd also want to buy 20 or so T-6B Texan IIs as trainers. I'm having trouble finding contracts for those. Does $120 million sound about right?

If those all sound good, it'd be just shy of $1.4 billion for the lot.

United States [Ebedron] - January 19, 2009 06:43 AM (GMT)
ooc: Thats all ooc correct? if so, yeah, that will all be good. just post requests in my thread and itll be accepted

Italy [Cloud Strife] - January 21, 2009 06:25 PM (GMT)
After negotiations with Fincantieri the cost of modernizing Subic Freeport to 'military standards', with the inclusion of facilities to build and maintain vessels up to frigate and destroyer 'size' will be $350 million USD of which the Filipino Government and the Italian Government will split the costs equally. Estimated time of completion will be within two to three years.

We have also drawn up a provisional agreement with the same firm for the construction of six frigates, specifications and military role to be determined by the Filipino government. Three will be built at Fincantieri's facilities at Sestri Ponente, Genoa while three will be built under license at Subic. Fincantieri offers to create a Philippine based subsidiary to handle construction in the Philippines and will provide the needed knowledge base to carry out this modernization drive as well as offer qualified Filipinos preference in employment in both construction and management. This process will take in five years before said ships will be combat ready and require $750 million USD of which the Italian Government will provide 3/4ths funding and the Filipino Government will provide 1/4th funding.

Philippines [JBHemlock] - January 21, 2009 11:08 PM (GMT)
Both the plans for modernizing Subic Freeport and the construction of the six frigates fit well with our plans for modernizing our navy and naval shipyards.

We agree wholeheartedly with plans for working with Fincantieri on Subic Freeport, and have budgeted the money for that as part of our ongoing rapid modernization plan. (OOC: Consider the money sent)

We also agree to work with Fincantieri on the design of the 6 new frigates, and will incorporate those costs into our ongoing budget. We look forward to working with Fincantieri on the design of those frigates. (OOC: Consider the money budgeted and ready to spend. Do you have a design in mind, or can I work something up which would fit those costs?)

We are also extremely interested in your previous offer to transfer two Audace class destroyers and four Sauro class submarines, and feel that operating those vessels would both immediately strengthen our navy as well as giving our sailors valuable experience with more modern naval technology. (OOC: Do you want money for them? Anything reasonable will be accepted ^_^).

We look forward to working with Italy and Fincantieri on these and future projects.

Philippines [JBHemlock] - January 22, 2009 07:10 PM (GMT)
The Republic of the Philippines agrees to buy 4 Lupo class frigates from Venezuela, pending the result of a naval inspection, for a total of $280 million. Payment is being held in escrow pending delivery of said frigates. We thank Venezuela for her generous offer.

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